Patricia Quijada Linares is co-founder of CommunitiesDNA firm; where she’s actually carries duties in Designing, Building, Development, Management, Healing and Researching Customer and Users Communities, as Chief Communities Architect for Latin America region.

After a couple of years as Advisor in Corporate Strategy projects area in Microsoft, now from CommunitiesDNA, Patricia had executed different kind of researches about Communities Influence in Design Industry, Web Development and User Experience in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Caribbean Central American Region; as well as Software Industries in Spanish tongue countries since 2006; besides keeping the nonstop internal research about communities worldwide, in our company.

From the beginning of the firm, Patricia has been dedicated to design every community training for every project in different countries, as well as design the Word-of-Mouth strategy for every one of those communities.  She’s also, responsible for handbooks design for Social Media tools in Word of Mouth strategies for Organizations and Communities, and active participant in strategy design for Customers’, Users’ and Communities’ Satisfaction Level Researches projects.

One of her last projects involved the translations of our “Communities DNA” to an online platform for Communities built by our company.

Patricia is a Business Management graduate, from Universidad de El Salvador; she blogs among several sites, in our company blog: CommunitiesInABox; she loves Bossa Nova; the Piano; and she’s a Guitar Hero fan.

You can read her LinkedIn profile here

She tweets about #Communities y Word-of-Mouth from @PatriciaLinares

You also, can find Patricia @:


And download her vCard here.


After a couple of years as Advisor in Corporate Strategy area in Microsoft, Rolando Peralta back to the company he co-founded with Patricia Linares: CommunitiesDNA.  Firm dedicated to Consultancy, Design, Building, Management, Development, Healing and Research Customers and Users Communities and Word of Mouth Marketing strategies, where he actually plays the role of Chief Director.

Through these years, the communities’ expertise had taken him along with the company, to serve Communities creation projects in several countries of the continent, and execute several studies and research for Industries like Software and User Experience in countries like Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Caribbean Central America, from Communities perspective; as well as Satisfaction Level studies for Customers, Users and Communities in 7 countries in the region.

Rolando has taught Communities workshops and trainings in various countries, including one televised in USA and Canada, during the Congress ASPIRA 2006, for the Department of Education of The United States, in Puerto Rico; and various talks of Communities topics and technologies for Marketing and Business in professional and academic congresses and conferences in Central America.

Within recent projects, there’s the full translation of our “Communities DNA” towards an online Communities platform, facilitating collaboration, social communication, and promotion of targeted and local communities built by CommunitiesDNA.

Rolando is a Business Management graduate from Universidad de El Salvador; University teacher for some time and Plastic Arts student long more.  He’s blogging from CommunitiesInABox, our company blog; undeniable fan of Team Citroën in WRC; Zune, XBOX 360, Halo and Guitar Hero.

Connect with him in LinkedIn.

He tweets about #Communities and Word of Mouth marketing and Company news from @RolandoPeralta

More place to find Rolando:

And download his vCard here.


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  1. Awesome post as always, thanks for posting so much helpful stuff on a regular basis.

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